HR Resourcing.

The Job Suite is the dedicated Recruitment Agency within The HR Suite. Within this department we have dedicated Recruitment Consultants to help you with all your recruitment needs. We pride ourselves in ability to find high calibre candidates and build a winning team for you. We provide a full end to end recruitment process for you.

It is essential to have the highest possible calibre of employees in your organisation. The HR Suite can assist in all aspects of recruitment and selection from advertising positions and sourcing candidates, to on boarding, induction and contracts of employment. We can assist with recruiting all grades of employees, up to and including CEO level. The HR Suite has vast experience recruiting for a wide range of industries and has been involved in several large-scale recruitment projects.

We identify in which areas recruitment is required; develop full recruitment strategies; draft job specifications and advertisements and use various advertising methods (print, online job boards, social media, and radio).

We provide a screening and shortlisting service whereby applications are reviewed in line with your Company requirements to create an interview pool.

Interview and Assessment.

Developing a suitable interview and assessment process, with customised interview questions and scoring cards, as well as using personality, work style and aptitude testing to ensure the correct fit with your organisation. Our dedicated Recruitment Consultants can provide assistance with application forms and CV preparation skills for:

Garda interviews
County Council interview of all grades
Private Sector management roles
Senior Management roles
All Public Jobs

Background Checks.

Full background checks for candidates, including criminal and credit history.

Reference Check, Offer and Contracts of Employment.

All aspects of the reference check and offer process, and developing contracts of employment.

Personality, Work style and Aptitude Testing.

We provide a service of a detailed analysis of your personality, aptitude and preferred work style using proven methods. This is ideal for career planning and personal development.

Additional Recruitment Services:

OPQ Testing.

We are trained administrators of Ability tests and Occupational Personality Questionnaires which are proven methods for assessing a potential employees critical qualities for the particular role you are hiring for. It can help to assess qualities such as Problem Solving, Communicating Effectively, and being Innovative and Creative. This is an excellent tool to assist you in making the right appointment before you hire a potential employee to ensure they are the right fit for your organisation. Therefore helping you to avoid a potential costly bad appointment.

On site Interviewing assistance

We can offer clients a flexible, cost effective extension to their HR and Recruitment needs in times of peak requirements. Our dedicated onsite recruitment teams can assist clients across a range of services including: Screening and Interviewing, Recruitment Administration, Placement and HR Operations.

If you are interested in our Recruitment service or want to know what The HR Suite can do for your business please contact us on (066)7102887 to discuss.

Do you have a part time position or do you have the flexibility to offer a candidate a position to work from home with remote access?

We can help you to source a candidate that those requirements suit at a cost that reflects a Pro Rata Salary.

Part time Employees / Working from home:

The Job Suite continuously keeps up to date on employer and employee trends. We are always conscious of the fact that in order to match the right candidate with the right employer we need to be mindful of flexible working, work life balance, recruitment initiatives and the war for talent in certain industries which all continue to be of interest to both employers and employees.

With so many companies now engaging in international business the demand of providing 24/7 customer service

[or otherwise]

working from home or remote working access has risen. This can be appealing to the employer as it allows access to a talent pool that may not have being accessible to them without the option of flexible working conditions.

Many Companies consider suitable flexible working patterns for their organisation which appeal to a broad range of employees. Options can include personalised hours, home-working, job sharing, self-rostering, shift working and term-time working.

Candidates are often attracted to organisations who promote a flexible culture which includes remote working due to their geographical location, the ability to balance the job with other responsibilities such as family and the attraction of having a healthy work life balance.

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